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  What Services does Llandybie Community Council Offer

Llandybie Community Council has an overall responsibility for the well-being of the local neighbourhood and works at a local level.  It is a local government tier which is closest to the people, being a tier below the County Council. Their work falls into three main categories:

a) representing the local community
b) delivering services to meet local needs
c) striving to improve quality of life in the community

The main work done by Llandybie Community Council is as follows:

  • Maintains Public Rights of Way, public footpaths, cycle and bridleway paths, wayside seating and Public Notice Boards and the provision of bus queue shelters
  • Provides financial assistance for local charities, societies which benefit the local residents
  • Consider and advise/comment on applications for planning permission within the Community
  • Road safety measures in the form of Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS)
  • Represent/liaise between constituents and County Council or other official bodies
  • Advise/liaise with County Council regarding road safety issues and maintenance
  • Maintains the public conveniences at Llandybie and Penygroes
  • Maintains street lighting 
  • Maintain the parks and play areas owned by the Community Council

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Community Development schemes funded or part funded by Llandybie Community Council

  • Road Safety works outside Blaenau Primary School
  • Completion of pavement along Gorsddu Road, Penygroes
  • Contribution towards play equipment at Bonllwyn park
  • Contribution towards redevelopment of Woodfield Road Children's Play Area at Llandybie  
  • Installation of new Bus Queue Shelter at Penygroes Square
  • Pedestrian Crossing assessment at Llandybie Square 
  • Completion of pavement along Lotwen Road from Capel Hendre to Cwmgwili
  • Provision of pavement along road verge area from Blaenau to Llandybie
  • Provision of Multi Use Games Areas at Llandybie, Capel Hendre and Penygroes Parks