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  •    Planning
  •    Finance
  •    Community Development
  •    Rights of Way
  •    Policy
  •    Raising the profile of Council
  •    Employment
  •    Parks and Play Areas

A Planning Committee meeting is held immediately following each Ordinary Council meeting.

Finance Committee meetings to consider applications for financial assistance from various organisations are held during February and September each year.

A Finance Committee meeting is also held during November to consider the budget for the following  financial year.

A Community Development Committee meeting is held during November to consider schemes for the following financial year.

Other Committee meetings are held during the year when they are required.

Members of the Committees for 2018/19 


I. R. Llewelyn, Mrs C Thomas, W.D. Evans, D. Hopkins, Mrs. Ll. Hindley, N. Evans, Mrs. L. Latham, and Mrs J.E. Collins


N. Evans, C.J. Harris, W. D. Evans, E. W. Nicholas, Mrs. J.E. Collins, P. H. Roberts and Mr D. Nicholas

Community Development 

I. R. Llewelyn, B. Rees, D. Hopkins, Mrs. S.E. Thomas, P. H. Roberts, N. Evans and Mrs C. Thomas 

Rights of Way 

I. R. Llewelyn, P. H. Roberts, B. Rees, E.W. Nicholas, Mrs. Ll. Hindley, and Mrs C Thomas 


 I. R. Llewelyn, C. J.  Harris, D. Hopkins, P. H. Roberts 

Raising the Profile of the Council 

I. R. Llewelyn, N. Evans, A.W. Jones, D Nicholas Mrs. Ll. Hindley, Mrs L. Latham and Mrs C Thomas


I. R. Llewelyn, W. D. Evans, D Nicholas , N. Evans, C.J. Harris, P. H. Roberts and Mrs S.E. Thomas

Parks and Play Areas 

E.W Nicholas, N. Evans, I.RH. Llewelyn and P.H. Roberts