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Biodiversity and Environment Development Report

October 2019

Under the Environment Act (Wales) 2016 all local authorities ‘must seek to maintain and enhance biodiversity in the proper exercise off their functions and in doing so promote the resilience of ecosystems’. This means, that when managing our parks for people to enjoy, Llandybie Community Council should also be seeking opportunities to maintain and enhance the wildlife that these areas support and manage the habitats such as grassland and trees, so that they are in as natural and resilient a state as possible. The duty also supports our wider remit under the Well Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 so that Wales benefits from a prosperous economy, a healthy and resilient environment and vibrant, cohesive communities.

Llandybie Community Council has produced an action plan, and this is suggested as a future programme of work for all of its existing ‘green land’ in order to further develop the Community Council’s contribution to these important issues. It is also suggested that any additional acquisition of land such as play areas or footpaths should include a specific action linked to this duty.


All Parks
A new tree is to be planted to replace any felled following annual Tree Surveys.
Approved and in progress

All existing bushes and hedgerows to be retained as pollinators.
Approved and in progress

Less frequent mowing of grassed areas in the parks.
Approved and in progress



Continual review of the Annual Rights of Way and Footpath maintenance contract for width of paths, cutting requirements etc.
Approved and in progress

Annual wild flower planting.
Approved and in progress



All wards within the Council area to plant daffodil bulbs on agreed areas.
Approved and in progress

Annual wild flower planting on agreed areas.
Approved and in progress

All street lamps owned by LCC to be converted to LED.
Approved and already actioned



Action points

The actions in this plan will be reviewed regularly, and reported on every three years in accordance with statutory requirements. Actions resulting from the plan will satisfy the obligations of Section 6 of the Environment Act (2016) and any funding requirements will be taken from existing budgets or grant funding.

  • All contracts renewed by the Council eg Grounds maintenance, flower displays will take the opportunity to enhance biodiversity in the area.
  • Encourage local organisations to promote and maintain biodiversity
  • Raise public awareness of any project work via the Council website and local press
  • Engage with local schools to invite them to create habitats for birds and other wildlife
  • Liaise with national organisations eg Natural Resources Wales to ensure pollution of rivers, flooding, fly tipping is actioned. Seek public cooperation in reporting issues early.
  • Consider the net benefit of biodiversity when considering planning applications so that any development does cause significant loss of habitats or populations of species.
  • Continue with the approved actions already agreed above

The Community Council will look to consider supporting any organisation who wish to promote biodiversity and should contact the Clerk of the Council for more information.

This plan will evolve over the next three years, and will be monitored annually at Full Council.

Llandybie Community Council

29th October 2019

2/12/2020 - plan monitored at Full Council and resolved to continue with the current plan for the next 12 months ( See Minutes )

27/10/2021 - plan monitored at Full Council and resolved to continue with the current plan for the next 12 months ( See Minutes)