Wellbeing of Future Generations

Well Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015

Following the implementation of the above act, the Carmarthenshire Public Service Board (PSB) has developed a Well-being Plan for the area. This was approved on the 2nd May 2018, and outlines how the PSB will work in partnership to address some of the key issues affecting the well being of the residents and communities of the County.

Llandybie Community council has a duty to work towards the National Well-being Goals and will be working towards the aforementioned Well-Being plan for the region.

Llandybie Community Council

Well Being Statement

The Well-Being statement sets out Llandybie Community Council's commitment to the principle of sustainable development to ensure that the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The Act puts in place seven well-being goals. These are indivisible from each other and explain what is meant by the well being of Wales. The Council embraces these goals and will place them at the heart of its forward planning and decision making arrangements to improve the quality of life within its administrative area.
  • Look long term so that its actions or lack of action does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • Taking an integrated approach to applying the seven well-being goals when deciding upon priorities.
  • Involve the diversity of the population in the decisions affecting them, when and where applicable.
  • Work collaboratively to find shared sustainable solutions.
  • Understand the root causes of issues to prevent them from occurring.
  • Review the Public Services Board local well-being plan on publication, and consider the local objectives contained in the plan alongside its own objectives for the year ahead.
  • Use is own knowledge of the circumstances and characteristics of the area to form its own judgement on reasonable objectives to take forward .
  • Report annually for each relevant financial year, detailing the progress it has made in meeting the objectives contained in the local well-being plan prepared and published by the Public Services Board.
The Council commits to the following set of actions:

  • Publishing this well-being statement on its website.
  • Incorporate this well-being statement into its Strategic Plan. The plan provides an overall framework to focus the Council’s activities, investments and spending priorities.
  • Incorporate the seven national well-being goals into its Strategic Plan by cross-referencing the well-being goals so that the Council’s core aims and values.
  • Continue to extend its influence and reach into the community to help sustain general well-being in the communities that make up Llandybie Community Council.
Wellbeing goals graphic